Don’t Live In Fear



Unload the Baggage




There will be people out there that act as if they do not hold a single memory that stays with them. They are forever in the present and never in the past. However, I wager that what you perceive is merely a facade. In general, the past always lingers as the future haunts us. If we become too inclined to linger with the past or be haunted by the future, the unknown – we forget to live for today. I am not saying abandon the past or do not prepare for the future. Never live in excess or extremes. This drags us down.

We do not need to be defined by the things that hurt us. We need define ourselves for our ability to endure, to forget the past and the stresses of the what the future may be. We should consciously release the hurt and sting of our yesterdays. They are stuffed a suitcase that we don’t need. Unload the lessons from inside it and store it today. Make simple for today and pass kindness into the time before you.


Our true wisdom comes from what we learn and not what we use to belittle ourselves or others. We cloth ourselves in the wisdom from the past as in the present day, we make the right decisions for the future ahead of us.

So, you have may have put the baggage away but you can still travel my friend. Perhaps, pick up a new suitcase and fill it with a new perspective and when it is time then put it away. Start over! Each day is a grateful day!