What Is, What Will Be, and What Shall Pass

I used to have a site re-direct to my more well known pop culture blog, but I decided to re-brand this domain name and blog into a stream of consciousness blog.

This blog is just going to be about anything and anything on my mind – ideas, philosophy, advice, recipes, etc. I guess it’s going to be a lifestyle blog.

I may choose to talk about politics or religion. Who knows? I can say that don’t be deceived by the title of the blog. I am not Christian nor am I Jewish. I am not Islamic. I am a Buddhist. I am a Buddhist who happens to be quite agnostic. In fact, I am a rather lazy Buddhist. Though, I am not without purpose.

I guess the reason I decided to swap blog titles..well I could finally get my blog title’s domain name. However, I felt the need to do something with this empty space.

The journey of one human being in a sea of other free floating, transient streams of consciousness transmitted over a network of intricately configured networks spanning the globe.